West Iranian vs. East Iranian ancestry (with Vahaduo’s tool tutorial)

As you all know, there have been two aDNA papers released recently about Central Asia to North India. I didn’t dedicate a post to them (there are comments in the previous thread about them, though), mostly because the first one (The formation of human populations in South and Central Asia, Narasimhan el al. 2019) had… Continue reading

Of horses, camels and extinct lineages

After a rather long hiatus, and while we wait for the long anticipated final version of Narasimhan et al. (hopefully out very soon), here’s a quick post commenting on a few things that have been published lately.   Tracking Five Millennia of Horse Management with Extensive Ancient Genome Time Series Fages et al. 2019 A… Continue reading

Unravelling Estonia’s genetic history

A new paper has been published recently with some new samples from Estonia: The Arrival of Siberian Ancestry Connecting the Eastern Baltic to Uralic Speakers further East Saag et al. 2019 As can be seen already from the title, the paper references the Uralic language as an important part of it. From the highlights: Arrival… Continue reading

The problematic of substrates – A case study of Iberia

The following post is written with two main purposes: The first one is to explain some of the problematic when dealing with substrates in a way that is accessible for anyone to understand and get a better perspective about this complicated subject. The second one is to take a look at how ancient DNA (aDNA)… Continue reading

Early human dispersals within the Americas – Moreno-Mayar et al. 2018

There was a new paper published earlier this month that is really interesting for understanding the human dispersals in the Americas. Of course, with the help of some newly sequenced aDNA. From the abstract emphasis mine): “We sequenced 15 ancient human genomes spanning Alaska to Patagonia; six are ≥10,000 years old (up to ~18× coverage)…. Continue reading

Ancient DNA and Linguistics: an introduction

The ancient DNA (aDNA) era has been a revolution (still in progress) in our understanding of prehistory, and one of the implications of it has been the search for the origin of languages (mostly the origin of IE languages, which has been a central subject in many aDNA publications). However, I have the feeling that… Continue reading

Paleolithic DNA from the Caucasus reveals core of West Eurasian ancestry – Lazaridis et al. 2018 – preprint

A great day for West Eurasian deep prehistory thanks to ancient DNA! First with “Late Pleistocene human genome suggests a local origin for the first farmers of central Anatolia” (Feldman et al. 2018, preprint) and now with this unexpected and very surprising “Paleolithic DNA from the Caucasus reveals core of West Eurasian ancestry” (Lazaridis et… Continue reading

Horses and wheeled vehicles

Horses The domestication of the horse has been an event with important implications in human history, and as such it has drown the attention of archaeologist and historians for a long time, and more recently of ancient DNA studies. I’ll briefly recapitulate some of the latest findings mostly related to ancient DNA. We know for… Continue reading